Chamber of Commerce, Monticello Illinois

Citizen of the Year 2019

Who comes to mind when you think of someone that embodies Monticello and Piatt County? Maybe it’s someone who quietly goes about making this a better place to live for all of us. Maybe it’s a vocal advocate for community betterment. Maybe it’s a tireless volunteer or a persistent voice inspiring others to action.

It’s time to recognize that person with the Piatt County Journal-Republican Citizen of the Year Award. This annual award is designed to recognize citizen efforts to make Monticello and the surrounding areas a better place to live, to show appreciation and to inspire others to positive community action.

Listed below is criteria for selection. Please print or type your nomination information using the official nomination form at right and mail to or drop off at the Piatt County Journal-Republican office.

The recipient will be announced at the Monticello Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner November 8, 2018. For reservations and ticket information, call the Chamber office at 762-7921.


Criteria for Selection

Nominees must have demonstrated a meaningful, positive and significant contribution to the community through his or her volunteer efforts and must embody the principles of community leadership, selflessness and integrity.

Nominees promote the good of the community and exemplify that pioneering spirit in helping the city grow and prosper.

Nominees must live or work in Monticello, or surrounding communities, and his or her activities must be centered in or have a positive effect on the local community.

Accomplishments to be acknowledged are based on the current year’s community contributions, but the current year can be part of a multi-year commitment to community betterment.

Nomination forms and any supplemental information become the property of the Journal- Republican. Any information supplied for consideration can be made public and used for public relations purposes.

Individuals shall not be precluded from selection on the basis of their political or religious affiliation, activity, candidacy or incumbency. To reserve tickets to the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner call 762-7921.

Nomination Form

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