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Sundrop Alpacas is a small alpaca farm. Alpacas are raised for their luxurious fiber. Our alpacas graze and eat hay for an entire year and then are shorn in late spring. This fiber is hypoallergenic, soft as cashmere and warmer than wool. We spin our own yarn as well as make knit, crochet and felted products from the fiber. Our on-farm and on-line stores feature our 100% USA alpaca fiber products. We also breed Nationally competitive show alpacas.
On selected days, or by appointment, we are open to visitors. When we are open we allow visitors to see the alpacas, ask questions, and experience our products. Open times are limited due to our very full schedules. Watch our schedule or shop online at or on our Facebook page.

656 E 1000 North Road
Bement, IL 61813
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