Chamber of Commerce, Monticello Illinois

Monticello Chamber Members


Mike Heiniger Photography

Mike Heiniger Photography is a full service photography studio. We have shot a vast variety of commercial photography as well as specializing in seniors and family photography. Additionally, we shoot school class photos, sport teams, groups and events.

Sass Photographs LLC

I specialize in travel photography and portraits, with a focus on capturing the essence and character of my subjects. I invite you to explore my collection of landscapes, cityscapes, and wildlife photographs, available as high-quality prints and gifts. If you have a portrait project in mind or would like to discuss your photography needs, feel free to contact me. I would be thrilled to work with you and create something beautiful together.

Absent State Productions

Absent State Productions is a multimedia collective specializing in content creation and collaboration. Our mission is to help artists and creatives bring their vision to life through music production, videography, photography and graphic design. We are dedicated to providing a platform that supports and amplifies emerging talent across various media formats. Our team consists of passionate and experienced creators who are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our clients. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment that values creativity, diversity, and innovation. In addition to our existing offerings, we are excited to announce a handful of new services and programs that will be launching this year. Amongst the new services will include a tiered subscription with access to creator tools and community education.